Hello! I am MelAnn. Writer. Pathfinder. Sometimes, teacher. I’ve recently been on a journey of struggle and reflection and figuring-out-all-the-things.

I’m a writer; sometimes teacher. This launched me on a journey to really dig down and discover what I want to do. And in the last 3 months the messages received after prayer have been loud and clear:

“Get back to writing. Serve people your way on your terms. And just maybe… consider leaving the social media space except for a few strict boundaries for when you do need to be on social media.

Then, I had the blessing of an immersion event that broke me wide open and brought me here today. I am returning to the coaching space with focuses on Identity - Midlife After Loss / Disappointment. Topics of identity/loss/disappointment include grief, life and challenges of an adoptee, and what I like to call “Post Traumatic Churchy People Syndrome” - faith recovery after religion / religious people hurt or disappointed you.

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Rapture: experience intense joy or delight so magical that it transforms & transports you to sacred spaces that expand your Divine story.

Rapture is the word God gave me along with this definition. Rapture is this journey’s goal. We can recognize and create sacred spaces in our journey. But it is God who up-levels our experience as we reside in or travel through those spaces.

I’m still unraveling what this means for our journey - something to aspire to.

Story Concierge Services

I still offer to do tribute videos and photo books / coach you through it. Please contact me for more information on those. I no longer teach people how to do it themselves on a group level.

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Founder / Writer / Designer / Family Journalist & Archivist Christian Woman managing midlife, capturing the stories with the desire to live a legacy as well as leave one.