The Origin Stories

According to Star Trek, we are "mostly bags of water." However, I dare to add that we are stories. And our stories are our life's souvenirs as well as the construct of our legacy which we will someday leave behind.

  • DNA Stories - our ancestry (stories that have already played out), our family (our present, unfolding stories in our lifetime) and our descendants - the stories yet to come.

  • Nurture Stories - Stories influenced heavily by our environment & childhood stories. These play a huge part in roles of adoptees, like myself, who have been cut off from their dna ancestry. This is more about circumstances & less influenced by our choices. Sometimes, are communities come into play in this category as well because there are aspects about our communities that we don't get to choose once we expand beyond our immediate spheres. Childhood stories also straddle the Choice Stories category because we do have childhood experiences that were more about choices we made and less about the childhood environment.

  • Choice Stories - Stories of adult life experiences & our choices. Life lessons, travel, career paths, communities, sphere of influence through the roles that we play in life, etc.

  • Savored Stories -Stories where we pause to soak life in. We savor the moment through our senses. We taste. We smell. We touch. We hear. We see. I call these the “spa experiences of life”! Our senses are proof that we showed up and they anchor our moments to memory.

  • Faith Stories - Stories as we partner our life with something bigger than ourselves. In my focus, this is God / Christianity. Kingdom identity, daily disciplines & spiritual practices.

  • Journal Stories - Our personal, internal stories. Often, these can be companion stories that run parallel to the stories that fall into other categories. These are also the stories of our personal preferences, personality traits, a day in the life, personal reflections, etc.

  • Celebration Stories - Stories that chronical our celebrations. Holidays, Life Events & other milestones including the flagship that Life Souvenirs began with, memorial tributes.

  • Our Legacy Story - the boldest, most life transforming, influential stories from our lifetime build our legacy story. This serves as the "highlight reel" from all of the categories.

  • Tangible Stories - the holdable. shareable, giftable keepsakes that honor and memorialize our stories. Books, biographies, photo books, legacy books, Audio, Video, Photos, time capsules, heirlooms passed from generations, our art, handwriting.etc. This is the living proof category - proof that we can see; proof that we were here. I provide the “how to” and resources; however, you can also hire me for story concierge services to

  • Radiant Living is the intentional, strategic living out of our lives that create our stories. This is where our goals are often the stories of our best self. While this category is applicable for anyone at any time in their lives, my focus here is day to day life & midlife strategies for the Christian woman.

Rapture: the experience of intense joy or delight so magical that it transforms you to a different place.

God gave me that definition for rapture & I turned around and captured it into the name for my journey of grace and rapture. Life Souvenirs is the umbrella - it's my life's work & mission. Grace and Rapture is my own more personal journey / experience within it.

Story Concierge Services

In addition to offering all kinds of guidance for capturing and sharing your stories, I also offer story concierge services if you wish to hire someone to do it for you. There are a variety of services and level of services available. More information will be available in a catalog for this soon.

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