Stories are Life's Souvenirs and these are mine! Life Concierge & Storyteller. Writer. Identity Coach: Midlife, Adoptee, Grief, Loss, Disappointment, & Post Traumatic Faith Recovery. Click here to learn more about this space on the Internet!
Story about Winning that is Behind my Logo
Identity Catalyst vs Identity Crisis When we lead with love! Click here!
You are the best person to tell your story and the stories of your loved ones! Let me show you how!
Day 08 of 90 Days with Life Souvenirs
Someone shared this to remind you to take the time to dance and enjoy your life while you can. Any floor is a dance floor once you add music! So, click…
day 6 my life as an amusement park - Someone enjoyed this article enough to share it with you. Maybe you should click to open and discover why?
Day 5 You have 30 Days to Live. How do you respond to that?
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Stories Are Life Souvenirs with MelAnn